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Step 1

Every great relationship begins with trust, and one way trust is built is through simple introductions. Drop us a line and tell us about yourself — we want to learn about your business, your needs, and your goals so that we can provide the best set of of solutions customized for your business.

Throughout the introduction we'll also provide further clarity and answer any questions you might have about Birdy, with total transparency and honesty.

We love chatting on the phone with our customers, but if you fancy yourself more of an introvert, you can simply fill out our brief discover form.

Call us anytime at +1 844 509 9839
Graphic of a phone and the Birdy logo

Step 2

Once we review your application and have a chance to chat about your business needs and goals, we will tailor our solutions to fit the unique nature of your business and present some options for you to choose from.

It's our goal is to educate you on how the system works so that you become empowered to make the best, informed decision for your business. This includes discussion on expected rates, the hardware and software used to accept cards, and timelines to have your business fully set up.

Step 3

Once the discovery process is complete, we'll provide a proposal based on your selection of services and solutions.

Now would be a good time to review our proposal with your business partners, industry acquaintances, or even your cousin who doesn't trust credit cards.

Once the proposal is reviewed, we can take the next steps or work your representative to make any adjustments or inquiries.

Step 4

Once the proposal is approved, our compliance team will request all necessary documents based on your industry.

We will review them thoroughly for compliance and submit them to our partner bank for underwriting and auditing.

The bank will then either approve the underwriting or request further documentation before moving to the final step.

Step 5

Once the underwriting process has been approved, we move on to the installation stage, the final step in our onboarding process.

Your account then becomes live upon its first successful transaction.